Cosmetics & Beauty

Reveal your natural beauty with exceptional products

Simplify the use of the make-up by preparing your skin through moisturisation with a cream that is adapted to your skin type.

Beauty care

Beautiful right down to your nails!

Moisturise, strengthen and embellish your nails

Olive oil is the ideal natural ingredient to take care of your nails. Every day for a fortnight, soak your nails for 10 minutes in a cup of olive oil. To strengthen your nails, soak them for five minutes in salt water. This will help you to naturally remineralise them.

Hair care

Butter, oil, egg, vinegar, avocado or tea, make the best recipe for your hair.

Hand care

Keep your hands soft by using a cream with emollients like shea butter.

Nail care

Japanese manicure is a deep care that gives your nails brightness and vitality.

Body care

You can maintain the elasticity and flexibility of your skin by applying a cleanser and a scrub.

Cosmetic tests

Cosmetic tests

Quality products to enhance your beauty

Cosmetic tests refer to the safety and efficacy testing that is performed on cosmetic products before they are released into the market. These tests ensure that the products are safe for human use and that they perform as advertised. The cosmetics industry is highly regulated, and companies must comply with strict standards set by regulatory bodies to ensure consumer safety. Quality products are essential for enhancing one’s beauty, and cosmetic tests are a critical step in ensuring that the products meet the required quality standards. With the proper testing, consumers can have confidence in the products they use, and the industry can continue to innovate and create new, effective products to help individuals look and feel their best, to achieve that you may visit CLEAR and get more information about this subject.

Hair Care

Natural hair care for beautiful hair

Use natural hair care products to nourish, strengthen and balance the beauty of your hair. Incorporate the application of slow cosmetic products into your hair routine. If you want to have beautiful hair, don’t use curling irons, straightening irons or other heated styling tools that damage your hair. Instead, use hair oils. Aggressive hair products should be avoided. You can stimulate the growth of your hair and nourish its follicles by stimulating the blood circulation. To do this, you need to gently massage your scalp.

Beauty trends

Top most requested beauty treatments

Eyelash extension

Eyelash extension

Eyelash extension highlights your eyes by placing artificial lashes on top of your natural lashes.

Microblading eyebrows

Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow make-up that offers a remarkable natural look.


Microneedling uses microperforation to correct acne scars, erase wrinkles…

Organic make-up

How to choose the right organic make-up products?

To get a perfect and healthy skin, you can use organic make-up products. Get a sophisticated make-up look by highlighting your eyes with an eyeliner. Black mascara, mattifying paper and foundation are among the cosmetic items that are essential for a perfect make-up. When choosing your make-up, choose organic brands that meet the criteria of slow cosmetics. To do this, you should read the labels carefully, making sure that your beauty products contain no sulphates, parabens, phthalates or other toxic chemicals.

Soft skin

Getting rid of bad hair for good

Laser hair removal

The result of laser hair removal is more effective if the hair treated is thick and dark.



Remove unsightly hair and get a smooth skin by choosing waxing.

Razor hair removal

Always shave in the same direction as the hair grows to avoid ingrown hairs, irritation and cuts.